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Ccilu's Diffusion Functional winter boots won the Golden A' Design Award in the same category. "We believe that your intelligent and diligent contributions to arts, science, design and technology through creation of superior products, projects and services makes the world a better place," said the competition's Makpal Bayetova, offering congratulations to Ccilu Founder/CEO Wilson Hsu and his team. The awards were voted on by the International Design Academy, a grand jury panel consisting of influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs worldwide. "On behalf of our talented and hard-working team, I am honored to accept these awards," said Hsu. "Whether designing Ccilu's or wearing them, our mantra is to liberate yourself." The distinctive black-and-white outsole design of Ccliu's award-winning Horizon collection bears the legendary "ICHIMATSU MOYO" pattern, an elite fashion symbol in the Golden Age of Japanese history. It is a beautiful coincidence that this illustrious pattern has been adopted by the Tokyo Olympics Committee to be the official logo of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The design is backed up by its CCILUCELL technology, which is green, low-carbon and at the core of the collection. About Ccilu USA Ccilu USA is a merging of cultures based on the notion that quality and technology are universal values. CEO Wilson Hsu, known for his leap from banker to award-winning shoe designer, puts an emphasis on proper podiatric design, including Ccilu's revolutionary SKIVE-ON and eco-friendly CCILUCELL technologies. Founded in Japan in 2011, Ccilu's first product, "Amazon Summer," won the Silver Award of the Best Designed Products in the 72nd Tokyo International Gift Show.

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General Re turned out to be, in Buffett's words, "a gem." Luckily, he didn't sell the company before re-evaluating. Perhaps the best lesson to learn from this is to not second-guess your decisions too much. Give some time for the stocks you've picked to either pan out -- or not. Image source: Getty Images. 6. Never dawdle when it's time to sell Contrary to what some might believe, Warren Buffett isn't a buy-and-hold-forever kind of guy. He sells stocks routinely. In 2013, Tescowas listed among Berkshire Hathaway's largest holdings. A year later, the food retailer wasn't on the list at all. Buffett confessed to making a mistake with Tesco by "dawdling" when he should have sold earlier.

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