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Identify high-intent keywords, and optimize content that answers these questions to ensure your brand will be found in the changing SERPs. Urge to voice search rising. People are adopting voice search because it is now more accurate and useful than ever — it is faster and First page google Guaranteed easier than typing on a smartphone keyboard. By 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches , according to a forecast from comScore. Identify and provide content in a format that meets the needs of these types of searchers. Get guaranteed seo results smart about intelligent agents. Many voice searches happen at home, in addition to in the car or on the go, resulting in a more connected world. These intelligent agents are using semantics, search history and user interests and behaviors to provide the best results. So, make sure content is aligned with the intent and interests of customers at the right moment of the decision journey. Be the best answer. Forrester analyst Collin Colburn shares some great insights on this topic in this Forrester blog . Google relies in part on machine learning, in the form of RankBrain , to make sense of the massive amounts of data and deliver the best possible search results for users.

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